Customer Follow Ups
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Customer Follow Ups

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Customer Follow-Ups   It can never be said enough—following up with customers will always provide more success for your business. Whether it is to make a sale, or just receive feedback about your services and product, making customer follow-ups a main priority for your business will always produce remarkable returns…

What is Adwords

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What is Adwords   Adwords is an advertising service offered by Google. It offers a multitude of ways to advertise—directly through google's search engine, across a network of websites with visuals, videos on youtube, or even with an app. Beyond that, it will also provide analyses of your advertisements, like…

Local Business Listings

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Local Business Listings Before the Internet, most marketing campaigns consisted primarily of printed ads in the Yellow Pages and newspapers, television and radio ads, and direct outreach via telemarketing. Even though most businesses nowadays spend most of their resources on more complicated digital marketing techniques, there are important lessons to…

Marketing vs. Branding

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Marketing vs. Branding Are you a Coke or Pepsi person? Apple or Android? Do you usually go to the local family owned pizzeria, or recently decide to try a new place in town based off an appealing advertisement you saw in the local newspaper? Do you only buy cars from…

Lead Generation
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Lead Generation

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Lead Generation It can often get tiresome constantly trying to contact people, attempting to attract more customers. That's why it’s important to create a marketing platform where customers discover your business for themselves, through natural interest. Key to sparking interest in potential customers, is something called Lead Generation. “Leads,” are…

How to Social Media Correctly

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How to Social Media Correctly Every day the average person spends approximately two or more hours on social media, making it an excellent platform to market your business. If used correctly, social media advertising can elevate your business to new heights of popularity and draw in a larger customer base.…

How Contradictory Advice Improves Your Email Open Rate
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How Contradictory Advice Improves Your Email Open Rate

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Contradictory Advice Improves Your Email Open Rate Here’s a little parable that relates directly to digital marketing…and specifically email marketing, as we’ll illustrate in moment. But first, see if our parable describes a situation you can relate to: There’s a hot new restaurant in town that’s booked three or four…

Three Video Strategies to Engage and Convert Prospects
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Three Video Strategies to Engage and Convert Prospects

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Three Video Strategies to Engage and Convert Prospects Video has become increasingly important to online marketers. It serves many applications in content marketing, customer service, and other areas. Today you have many video forms, formats, and strategies available to you. Those are what we’re going to look at here. These…