Examples of Digital Marketing Work

So what exactly is Digital Marketing?


According to Wikipedia, “Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. Internet Marketing is a major component of digital marketing.”

But to truly understand what digital marketing really is, let’s explore the top 10 basic myths about digital marketing.

10. Marketing digitally is too-time consuming

Not compared to other marketing tools such as magazines and even television commercials, Any marketing strategy takes time to execute and deliver results. But Digital Marketing allows its message to be directly viewed by the target demographic and gives you vital information about who, when and what your prospective customers are using who discovered your message.  Digital Marketing is not time consuming is you know what you’re doing!

9. Older Audiences Cannot Relate to Digital Marketing

Not anymore! In just the past couple of years, the majority of seniors eligible for social security benefits are using the internet to connect more with the outside world. Whether it is refilling a prescription at their local pharmacy or chatting with their grandchildren, at any age people are easily reachable online.

8. Internet is a Huge Place in Which your Business Will Get Lost in…

Not at all! You’re business will only get lost in the competition if you have not mastered SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just like any other marketing strategy, businesses must find ways that makes your message want to be read by viewers and not passed off. Technology help people become more efficient, so respect the customer’s time and appeal to their lives with straight-forwardness.

7. Mobile Website is a Waste of Money and is Insignificant

No way! Nowadays, people access websites on their smartphones or tablets; much more than they would on a Mac or PC. Hand-held devices are meant for convenience, so if websites are not optimized to fit the customers’ needs, they will just move on and most likely on to your competitors! Don’t let this happen because a customer is not willing to navigate through site because you thought a mobile site isn’t worth it! In fact, you can easily create an app to help your customers’ stay current with your company!

6. Anyone Can Maintain your Digital Marketing Needs

Never!! Would you let a pastry chef be a server? Or trust Bill Gates to be your fitness instructor? Yes, young people can understand the mechanics very well but how much value can they contribute in optimizing the exposure of your business? Truth of the matter is that you should work with trusted professionals to increase traffic to your business; otherwise it can be an epic failure.

5. Digital marketing is hard to keep track

Not even, thanks to technology improving every day, you can get current and real-time data faster and more accurate than ever! Consult with your digital marketing company and they’ll confirm that with programs like Google analytics and even social media sites offers all types of analysis to help you improve your marketing strategy.

4. Keep digital marketing separate from the company’s strategy

Not a good idea, since most companies now sees their website as their biggest store-front digital marketing should most certainly be incorporated into your company’s strategy. The wonders of digital marketing are all the tools available to you such as social media. Social media can be used as a part of your store front while it acts as your communication tool. With social media, your customers can relate to your business on a more personal level through your presence or interactions with the world viagra fr.

3. Small businesses won’t benefit from digital marketing

Not! The main priority of digital marketing is to give you the opportunity of communicating with your customers without labor and other costs while allowing your customers to explore your business on their own time. Any business, large or small, can definitely benefit from social media by posting a graphics for them to “like” or even “share” with their friends which only expands and increases your exposure.

2. Digital marketing is techie for non-techies

Nope! After working with your digital marketing consultant, they can show you how you can update your posts and social media outlets. Yes, it may be best to leave it to the professionals, but what’s a business’s signature without the imprint of its founder?

 1. Digital Marketing is the same as “Social Media’’

Not so true! Social media is extremely important to digital marketing, but it’s not the only part of it. Social Media is only useful when customers are looking for you or stumbles on you, but to personally reach out to your customers, there are many other different things your digital marketing provider can offer you!