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FSIMF recognizes the key demand of every business today is to have an exceptional social media presence, but navigating the complex maze of social media marketing can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve. It takes skill to break through noise, understand consumer behavior on social media channels, and master the evolving landscape, all while monitoring performance metrics while optimizing content.

With the enormous potential for social media marketing to increase sales and the huge gap in understanding how to achieve these results, do you know where to start?

The Social Media Market

As we begin working together to craft a social media campaign, it will quickly become clear that there has emerged a diverse community of different social media platforms, all with their own distinct purpose and marketing utility.

With this in mind, an essential aspect of our overall strategy in regards to social media will be to critically assess the needs of  your business, which will provide us a clear understanding of which specific social media platforms will be of the most help growing your business and strengthening your reputation online. 

Examples of potential social media platforms for your business:


As the largest social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users, establishing a strong presence on Facebook should be a cornerstone for any business engaging with social media. With such a large and diverse audience, Facebook provides an online community that not only provides the opportunity to connect with existing customers, but also to build awareness and draw in new potential customers.

Another crucial reason Facebook is so important is because the platform allows the largest range of media and content forms (text post, photos, videos, etc.). 


While Facebook will act as the primary source of content variety, Instagram provides an opportunity to predominantly focus on graphic media. In this way, Instagram is the perfect place to use visual art in order to develop brand awareness and recognition through showcasing your business’s personality.

With the growing number of people who claim they discover new products they desire through Instagram, implementing an active Instagram marketing strategy will help your business stand out among your competitors and get noticed much more frequently.


When most people go online to search for a product or service they desire, one of the first places they go is Yelp. With approximately 180 million customer reviews, making sure that your business has a good standing on Yelp is essential to your success. Because of this, another aspect of our social media strategy will be to consistently monitor and track customer reviews in order to be responsive to any changes in customer attitudes. 

Even though these social media platforms do not represent the incredible variety of social media sites that exist, since they have such a high degree of daily traffic, they will be major key online communities in which to market your brand and improve your reputation.

Altogether, by engaging in a diverse array of social media platforms, we will help develop a strong online presence for your business that will boost exposure to your website, build customer relationships, gain new customers, and develop brand awareness.

Our Social Media Mission

Regardless of which social media platform we will be engaging with on behalf of your business, our services are guaranteed to sustain a consistent and creative social media presence. 

First, we will work closely with your business to understand what your goals and intentions are with your online media accounts, especially in terms of how you hope to be perceived and what kinds of people make up your customer base. Together, based on this information, we will develop a strategy for which sites are suited best for your business, what kind of audience you trying to reach, and what type of content will work best. 

After we work together to develop a detailed and organized plan, our team of highly-qualified graphic designers and writers at Full Service Internet Marketing Firm will go to work on crafting unique and engaging content for all of your social media channels.

This content will be consistently posted, monitored, and updated to ensure a steady and reliable stream of content meant to intrigue potential leads and maintain customer relationships. Of course, you will always have the ability to check and approve any content we create. 

When you work with FSIMF, one thing that you can count on is that your social media accounts will be monitored and managed constantly to ensure quality content, supportive customer engagement, and growth optimization.