Internet or Online advertising is on the rise. The New Year is looking to be the busiest year for Digital Marketers yet. It is more important than ever to understand how online advertising works and to incorporate it into your business model. Ignoring this tremendous resource only means that you are giving the leg up to your competition. If you plan to start a new business in the upcoming year, or are simply trying to figure out your marketing strategy, here are a few helpful tips for what changes are to come in the 2014 the Year of the Horse .


Facebook is still on Top with Twitter close second

Just like years previously, Facebook is still the number one used social media network. Facebook has gone public and is not a part of the NYSE landscape. With a few bumps in the road the IPO is getting some healthy attention as Facebook is enhancing it’s business model and concentrating on advertising revenue for the next enforceable future. What this means for businesses, is that Facebook is here to stay and some form of Facebook presence or advertising is certainly in order for 2014.  Facebook offers a captive audience and is getting better at targeting specific demographics.  Most users access Facebook at least once a day and not just from their computers, but from tablets and mobile phones as well. According to a study performed by Borrell, around 83 percent of small businesses are using Facebook for advertising purposes.  Facebook advertising and interaction is a key component in the 2014 Digital Marketing strategy.


The Top Search Engine

Google is the most popular search engine, so it comes as no surprise that Google is the primary marketing tool for many small businesses. Google has been on top for many years and it does not look like this is going to change anytime soon. What changed is how Google is serving up the desired results to it’s clients. With the recent Google Updates SEO has been under attack, so to speak. Google is opting out for quality content and relevancy and is concentrating on weeding out resources that are targeting it’s algorithm. This means that SEO is no longer the game for the uneducated. This effort has to be approached from an intelligent stand point by offering quality content and interacting with the audience. Google is a resource for a business and will undoutebly be a part of any Marketer’s Strategy in 2014. While you should still improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising efforts for Yahoo and Bing, starting with Google is key.


Deal Sites Losing Momentum

Getting a few Daily Deal emails every day? Well you should see a fewer number in 2014. One online advertising method that isn’t going to be doing well in 2014 are the daily deal sites. These are sites that offer special deals every day for people shopping online, such as buying products or coupon offers online. These deal sites are only used by about 30 percent of small businesses, and this number will only decrease in 2014. If you are looking to advertise online, think twice before using daily deal sites.


Local Business Listings and Directories

Local Business Listings and Directories such as Yelp and Google Local will still play a key role in 2014. Yelp remains the go to resource for consumer opinions and will be a great resource, if managed properly. These digital properties require maintenance and attention. In 2014 Business Owners must take the front seat in managing their Local Business Listings and keep the conversation going with their customers. Many business owners see these listings as a hindrance, but if addressed properly, these online spots can be a great resource and an additional avenue to gain more customers and grow your name brand.


Website Advertising

 Website advertising with your own website is still one of the top ways to advertise a small business, and continues to be in 2014. You need to have your website if you want to market your business online, but should also be focusing on your content and functionality of your website. Most people concentrate and spend too much time on the design rather than thinking about the user. Functionality and content is key. Popular eCommerce websites use seamless design, lots of light colors and space  Just getting people there is only the beginning, as it only takes visitors a matter of seconds to decide if they will stay or not. Some things to be sure to include are local content, contact information, helpful articles and blog posts for general searchers, organization and easy-to-navigate sidebars, an appealing interface, and a sign up form for your newsletter. Your website must also be optimized for mobile use since so many people are checking out websites and performing searches using their mobile phones.

Online advertising in 2014 will be based on what has worked in the past, but will be doing away with deal sites and other trends that aren’t lasting. Social media still remains one of your best sources for marketing your business online.