Get Found Immediately

With billions of searches taking places through online search engines every day, the search engine results page is one of the most important places for your business to come out ahead of others and appear near the top of the results list.

This process of paid search advertising is predominantly based on a pay-per-click system in which you are only charged when people directly click on your advertisement. In this way, you will be utilizing the search engine results page itself as a marketing tool.

Furthermore, the main focus of paid search advertising is keywords, which are essentially common words and phrases that people search for when looking for specific products or services.

Therefore, in order to maximize the potential for your business to appear first, our efforts here at Full Service Internet Marketing Firm will be aimed at strategic bidding to claim prominent keywords, as well as identifying unique combinations and phrases to give your business that extra advantage over the competition. 

Google Adwords

As arguably the most important place to dedicate resources, Google Adwords provides a platform with one of the highest levels of daily online traffic to directly advertise your business and website on search results pages.

Essentially, Google Adwords works like a traditional auction in which businesses bid against one another for keywords. As previously mentioned, keywords are the most important component in any paid search advertising campaign.

Another helpful aspect of Google Adwords is the ability to target the audience specific to your local region. As far as how Google Adwords compares to other platforms, typically the actual cost of keywords and advertising space will be more for Google; however, Google usually ranks the best in terms of actually converting clicks into customers, which means it tends to deliver a better return on investment. 

Facebook Ads

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook’s advertising platform serves as a perfect place for lead conversion and customer relationship building.

While Google might be able to target location specific audiences, Facebook, with its vast trove of user data, provides your business the ability to customize and tailor the demographics of your intended target audience with more detail so the potential for lead conversion is really strong.

Also, due to Facebook’s complex and detailed user database, creating connections with the community and customers also becomes more readily available. Along with this, Facebook provides a platform for a variety of different advertising mediums, such as text, image, videos, and event promotions.

Similar to Google, Facebook also holds auctions for businesses to compete and bid on advertising space.

However, the key difference is that while Google charges you mainly on a keyword and pay-per-click model, Facebook actually auctions a variety of different advertising features and are thus judged differently. Regardless, Facebook Ads on the whole tend to be cheaper than Google Adwords.

Bing Ads

While many businesses and even marketing firms disregard platforms such as Bing, instead focusing all of their resources towards Google and Facebook, it is precisely because of this that these less utilized platforms can at times provide a niche audience and market in which to advertise your business.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

While the other platforms previously discussed are predominantly useful for advertising your product or services to potential customers and hopefully retain a high lead conversion rate, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions provides your business the opportunity to network and market with other businesses that can help you build useful connections.

Paid Search with FSIMF 

Together with the FSIMF team, we will develop a strategy for keyword research based on a variety of factors such as general term association, brand related phrases, common customer searches, etc. With our dedicated team of researchers and well-refined analytics system, the staff at Full Service Internet Marketing Firm guarantees a strong portfolio of keywords and targeted ads on a variety of platforms.