How Often Should a Company Redesign a Website

Most companies nowadays know they should have a website, as it acts as a marketing tool, as well as providing information to their current customers. But some companies redesign their website too often, and others don’t do it often enough. There is never really a complete website, as technology is always changing. You will constantly be adding new features to your website. Here are some tips for knowing when it is time to redesign your company’s website.

Lack of Web Traffic

The first sign that you need to redesign your website a bit is if you are losing web traffic. If you used to get a certain amount of traffic that held steady, then suddenly numbers started dropping, your website might be the result. It may be hard to navigate, the SEO might be out-of-date so you aren’t attracting new visitors, or you may have issues with converting traffic to customers. Go through your entire website, checking each page and feature, to test it out and see where you can make improvements.


Another reason you might need to redesign your website is if your competitors have brand new sites that are far exceeding yours. If you have had the same website for 10 years, but your competitors redesigned a couple years ago, you are falling behind. There is no set amount of time when you should redesign, but looking at similar company’s sites is helpful.

New Technology

Technology is constantly changing, so when there are a lot of new changes in web design, it might be time for you to take advantage of them. While you can’t completely redesign your website every time something new crops up, you could take a look at your site every few months to a year to find new features to add. For example, as of today, you should be incorporating social media, have a responsive website, and be mobile optimized. This is what Internet users of today are looking for.

New Business Direction

Finally, if your business is moving in a new direction, you will of course need a brand new website. You may even need a new logo and style, not just features on your website. If you have decided to change the types of products or services to offer, or are just changing the name, go along with these changes by offering your visitors and customers a new website design as well. It is the perfect opportunity to upgrading your website.

If you simply want to know how often to redesign, the answer is that there is no set time. It really depends on a lot of factors and variables. When you change your website name or direction, if you have fallen behind in technological advances, or losing traffic, are all signs that it is time to work on your website. You also don’t need a brand new design, but to change different elements instead. This keeps your site fresh without confusing your regular visitors.