How to get Others to do Your Work

Often the commodity in shortest supply for the online business owner is time. This is the reason there has been such a boom in freelancers and sites like

The single most important principle in business is leverage. When we can leverage the work product of someone else to increase our sales, it’s the ultimate application of leverage.

At the opening of this article I referred to hiring the labor of others to build or promote your online business. However, that’s not the only way you can get leverage to move your business forward. In fact, some of the other ways allow you to apply even more leverage power. Check these out.

Leverage Other People’s Backlinks

There’s a good chance you already have your domain, so this tip may not apply to you immediately. Although I’ll suggest a way you can use it now even if you already have your website up and running.

You know that one of the biggest factors influencing your search engine ranking is the number of backlinks that point to your website. Usually it takes a fair amount of time and a great deal of effort to get lots of good backlinks.

However, there are millions of top-level domains that have been abandoned or allowed to expire and many of these already have links pointing to them from around the Internet. Grabbing an expired or dropped domain can get your website started with many backlinks already in place.

I just did a search on FreshDrop for the word “diet” and found 3,688 domains that I could get. The prices range start at free and go up from there. Many of these won’t have good backlinks, so you need to do some digging. Other places to find domains include RegisterCompass,, and

But, as you judge the value of any “used” domain name, consider the time and effort you would have to put into your project to establish new backlinks.

By the way, even if you don’t want to use the domain, if you find one that would be good for your project, grab it and use it for a landing page or to redirect traffic to your main website.

Leverage Other People’s Content

You need to give your website visitors fresh and useful content to keep them coming back. This may be in the form of your blog or in the form of ebooks or whitepapers that your visitors download.

Sources like EzineArticles got a bad rap when Google started to penalize people for using them as backlinks; posting articles on article farms will not improve your search engine ratings. However, using articles from these sources can be a good strategy on your site, if you do it right.

For example, you could find several good articles on diabetes and edit them together to make a downloadable ebook. You can use it to get visitors to sign up for your mailing list. By spending an hour finding the right articles and copy and pasting them into a document you would have a good piece of content.

Here’s another idea: You may know that The Drudge Report is one of the most visited site on the Internet and it’s nothing more than headlines from various news sources. It’s a news “aggregator.” There are various website plugins – like FEEDZY RSS Feeds for WordPress sites – that let you have a place on your website that grabs headlines from around the Internet on the topics that interest your visitors.

Leverage White Label Products

White label products are products whose “white label” allows you to “print” your own name and logo on them so they appear to be your products. Of course, the white label products that interest many online marketers are digital products. So they don’t have an actual, physical white label.

To continue where we left off in the last section, you can buy white label ebooks; they are also called private label rights (PLR) products. You can find great PLR ebooks and use them anyway you want. In fact, many very successful digital marketers have licensed PLR products, sold them on their websites, and made a lot of money. Not only can you buy PLR ebooks, there are audios and videos on the market.

By the way, you can find virtually any product you want in the “white label” or private label product marketplace. Alibaba is probably the main website for sourcing private label products today.

Some of the tips I’ve given you here cost you nothing. Others can carry a somewhat larger price tag. The thing to remember is that when you leverage the products and information that others have made, you save a lot of time. This helps you create your revenue stream more quickly and grow it faster. Often this will pay back your initial monetary investment several times over.