10 Ways to Score Huge With Your Marketing Content

You’ve heard phrases like these:

  • Cover all your bases.
  • We took a multi-faceted approach.
  • They attacked the problem from all sides.

There are many ways to convey this idea because it’s a very important concept: When you need to accomplish something, you need to use every strategy and tactic you have at your disposal.

This definitely applies to digital marketing, but most people managing websites fail to do this. A hard-working, diligent blogger, for example, might write like crazy and post something every day. There’s a good chance the blogger will promote this content with a single post to Facebook or Twitter…or maybe both.

This becomes a routine and eventually the blogger starts to wonder why followers aren’t increasing in numbers as much as hoped for. The reason is simple: The blogger has limited his or her promotional channels and strategies.

Tip: Don’t just rely on a plugin that promotes your content to your social media accounts one time. Start using something like Hootsuite, Buffer or TweetJukeBox where you can schedule repeated posts. Schedule your re-posts at different times of the day and different days of the week.

Different ways to Create Marketing Content

You need to squeeze every ounce of marketing juice out of each piece of content you create. To do this, take a holistic approach and be sure to “cover all your bases.” Here’s an example:

  1. Create a how-to video and post it to your YouTube channel.
  2. Post news about your new video to all your social media accounts.
  3. Write a blog introducing the video and giving a “behind-the-scenes” look at how and why you created it.
  4. Post a link to your blog to all your social media accounts.
  5. Have syndicated your blog so it gets republished on other sites throughout the Internet.
  6. Blog features a graphic with type. This graphic also gets posted to Instagram and Pinterest.
  7. Write a press release about your new how-to video and distribute to local media outlets and via some of the Internet press release distributors.
  8. Feature your video in the newsletter that goes out to your subscribers.
  9. Repeat your social media postings at different times and on different days.
  10. Give a presentation at a local service or professional organization that points people to your YouTube channel and the new video you’ve created.

Promoting Your Marketing Content

Now you’re turning into a powerful promotional machine. Some of us may feel that we’re getting too pushy or overdoing it if we pursue all of these avenues for promoting our content and marketing ourselves. But the fact is that all of the most successful business people are experts at self-promotion. Think of characters like Richard Branson. He and his team make sure that every move he makes gets the attention of as many people as possible.

Not only does this approach give you far better results for every piece of content you create, in the long run, it also makes content creation much easier. If you look at the 10-item list above, you’ll see how several pieces of content were spun off of the original how-to YouTube video.

Revisit and Update Your Marketing Content

Let me take this just a little further and make your life even easier. After you have been using this system to create multiple pieces of content, you can come back to them, revisit the content and update it. This allows you to start the whole cycle over again.

Before you think I’ve gone too far, let me give you a simple example. Say you created a video last year that reviewed the best gardening books. You can easily update that by adding some new titles and I think viewers would receive the update just as enthusiastically as they received the original video. Further, all of the related follow-on posts and materials would also find a receptive audience.

Finally, you’re putting a lot of effort into creating valuable content for your marketing program, be sure you’re always leveraging it to your full advantage.

So, don’t leave anything on the table!