Proper SEO

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Proper SEO Why is it important? In the internet age, the only true way for your business to thrive is to develop a strong and stable presence online. Most visits to websites are produced due to a search engine. Also, the top five results gain the majority of visitors. Therefore,…

Lead Generation
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Lead Generation

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Lead Generation It can often get tiresome constantly trying to contact people, attempting to attract more customers. That's why it’s important to create a marketing platform where customers discover your business for themselves, through natural interest. Key to sparking interest in potential customers, is something called Lead Generation. “Leads,” are…

How to Social Media Correctly

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How to Social Media Correctly Every day the average person spends approximately two or more hours on social media, making it an excellent platform to market your business. If used correctly, social media advertising can elevate your business to new heights of popularity and draw in a larger customer base.…

Different Social Media Platforms
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Different Social Media Platforms

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Different Social Media Platforms With new social media platforms being created daily, it has become a daunting task to know which ones suit the needs of your business best. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Yelp to Reddit, and Howcast to Bizsugar, social media platforms have expanded to contain a variety of…

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords
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Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

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The Digital Marketing Arena: Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords   Oftentimes, businesses struggle to decide where most of their advertising focus should be, and which platforms will prove most successful. Central to the debate over advertising platforms is Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords.   If you’re new to digital marketing,…