Internet marketing is one of the most important ways through which websites and online businesses can market their brand.

Like any other marketing medium, internet marketing is extremely volatile and dynamic. There has been a lot of transformation in this sector in recent years. There are some practices that are obsolete, while others are more profitable. The following are some of the trends and predictions that website owners can expect in internet marketing in 2015:


Increased Used Of Videos And Other Visual Communication

In the past, online marketers have relied on text and images to convey a message. However, in 2015, more website owners will include more videos on their websites. The videos will be used to show how the service or product works in a way that text or images cannot. There will also be more explanation videos as well as video testimonials. The visual communication will be used to spark emotions in users and to tell a story about the philosophy of a particular company.


More Paid Advertisements

In the past, a lot of SEO companies have focused on generating organic links through Search Engine Optimization. However, the web is becoming more crowded, and paid listings may become one of the easiest ways for a company to get noticed. Paid advertising on the internet is predicted to go up by about 10% in 2015. Mobile advertisements may go up by about 48% in the coming year.


Increased Micro-Targeting, Re-Targeting And Hyper-Segmentation Of Customers

Micro-targeting has received a lot of attention lately, and it is easy to see why. When visitors visit a website, they leave a lot of information on their browsing habits. It is also easy to see the products and services that they are interested in. Social media networks are also data depositories as they have a wealth of information on the likes and preferences of their members. All of this information will help marketers to target potential consumers who are more likely to purchase their products based on their browsing habits and profile. Targeting specific consumers is more effective than advertising to everybody on the web. Furthermore, the conversion rate in most website for first time visitors in about 2%. Re-targeting works by reminding visitors about the products and services that they have viewed in the past. This ensures that the brand or the product is constantly on the customer’s mind.


Mobile Marketing Will Become Even More Important

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, the website that does not have mobile-friendly content will be left behind. Internet marketers will have to target their mobile audience by using strategies that are relevant during the different phases of the day, that is, while working, resting or playing on their mobile devices. There will also be increased spending on mobile advertisements.


More Engagement Through Social Media Networks

Internet marketers have already realized how important social media is to the success of their marketing campaign. This trend is going to increase in 2015. Unlike in the past, consumers do not want broadcast advertisements that simply tell them what to buy. They want information that is more sophisticated and engaging. This is where social media comes in. In 2015, internet marketers will become more personal by targeting their audience in social media networks. By personalizing and humanizing the brand, they will expect to interact more with potential buyers and hopefully increase their conversion rates.

There will also be more diversification in marketing through social media networks. In the past, marketers have targeted popular websites such as Facebook. However, in 2015, marketers are likely to go after several more social network in an effort to reach as many potential customers as possible.


There Will Be A Lot More Focus On Content Marketing

Content marketing is a tried and tested internet marketing strategy. Internet marketing in 2015 will focus even more on content marketing. Companies are going to create content that is both relevant and inspiring. There will be a focus on blogs that connect with the user on a more personal level, as opposed to simply promoting or pushing a product. There will also be an emphasis on content that has more depth and that has the user’s interests in mind. Therefore, internet marketers in 2015 will need to learn how to communicate properly in writing. The content should be easily accessible on mobile devices while still providing relevant information to consumers. Content that focused on selling and promoting will be ignored. Internet marketers will create content that focuses on answering their consumer’s questions. Some marketers may also incorporate humor in their content in order to make the content engaging and to cultivate customer trust and loyalty.


Creation Of Digital Strategies

In the past, companies did not pay too much attention to the creation of a digital strategy. However, in 2015, a digital strategy will be more important than ever. The digital strategy will incorporate all forms of digital marketing, from Social Media Marketing, to Search Marketing, SEO and mobile marketing. This strategy will ensure that every digital marketing avenue is considered and that all the various media work together to promote the brand.


One-To-One Marketing

In 2015, there will be more emphasis on one-to-one engagement with consumers through real-time engagement strategies. In the past, internet marketing took a one-to-many approach in which information was broadcast to many clients who were asked to purchase a product or service. However, these days, marketers are trying to find out specific information about their consumers in order to speak to them directly through their internet marketing campaigns.


Increased Use Of Marketing Analytic Tools

Internet marketers will embrace analytic tools which will help them to determine the company’s Return on Investment. Furthermore, the analytic tools will help the marketer to determine where they should change their digital strategy and where to improve in order to get more sales.

In the internet marketing world, marketing strategies are always evolving. As some strategies become extinct, internet marketers are taking advantage of new marketing techniques. Internet marketing in 2015 will focus more on the consumer. Marketers will have to study their targeted consumers in order to understanding their browsing and buying history. They will then use this information to engage with their customers and to build trust. This will encourage customer loyalty and increase sales for businesses in 2015.