Marketing vs. Branding

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Marketing vs. Branding Are you a Coke or Pepsi person? Apple or Android? Do you usually go to the local family owned pizzeria, or recently decide to try a new place in town based off an appealing advertisement you saw in the local newspaper? Do you only buy cars from…

Lead Conversion

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Lead Conversion Once you’ve worked on generating leads using the tips I outlined in my last post, then comes the time to convert those leads into actual customers. Just as a reminder, a “lead” is simply someone that shows interest in your business. Critical to converting leads into actual customers…

Proper SEO

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Proper SEO Why is it important? In the internet age, the only true way for your business to thrive is to develop a strong and stable presence online. Most visits to websites are produced due to a search engine. Also, the top five results gain the majority of visitors. Therefore,…

Lead Generation
Set of modern concepts of creating leads. Line flat design hero banners for websites and apps with call to action button, ready to use

Lead Generation

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Lead Generation It can often get tiresome constantly trying to contact people, attempting to attract more customers. That's why it’s important to create a marketing platform where customers discover your business for themselves, through natural interest. Key to sparking interest in potential customers, is something called Lead Generation. “Leads,” are…

How to Blog Correctly
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How to Blog Correctly

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How to Blog Correctly Still staring at that blank page, unsure of how to start writing? The questions running through your head are probably: What do I write about? How do I write it in a way that will be interesting to the reader? Will anyone actually read this? In…